How Many Lifters Would it Take? Largest Stone Block Ever Found

Archaeologists discover largest stone block ever.


The one on the left? Not that one. The one that was underneath it to the right.

It’s located in a stone quarry at Baalbek, site of the ancient Heliopolis in Lebanon.

It measures 19.6 meters (64 feet) in length, 6 meters (19.6 feet) wide, and is at least 5.5 meters (18 feet) high. Its weight is estimated at a daunting 1,650 tons (that’s 3,300,000 pounds, or 1,496,850 kg).

Now, you might wonder why you would even want to know how many people this took. Well, people almost certainly moved it. Maybe a machine was used. Or maybe it wasn’t.

But let’s say, for fun’s sake, that they pulled it like a sled pull.

According to Strong Man Online, “We think the current Guinness World Record belongs to an Australian strongman called Derek Boyer – pulling a 51,840kg truck down a 100ft course. But, as you may imagine, different courses (some flat, some uneven) and differently weighted trucks make it difficult to know who the best truly is.”

That’s 114287 pounds. By one man. The strongest man to do it. Now, it was on wheels, but then we know that many of these size of stones were moved on rollers in some ancient civilizations. So we can possibly simply forget that it was a semi truck with multiple wheels he was moving.

But he is REALLY strong. And we are… Much less so. Let’s say, for safe measure based on the average person today that we can pull one twentieth of that. That may still be pushing it for some and that may be under doing it for some. But it’s a place marker.

That’s 5714 pounds.
The stone is 3300000 pounds.

In summary, pulling the stone would take:

29 Derek Boyers
579 slightly muscularly endowed normal people

Until Next Time

Jacob Summers (SuperSoldier) is not a medical expert in the fields of nutrition or fitness. The opinions expressed here, while researched and vetted against some professionals, are still just the opinions of Jacob Summers as a result of personal experience with himself and those who have sought help from him.

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