Raising the Bar: Lift. That’s What Sami Did

Sometimes, the answer is simple. Angry with life, discontent with the stalemate you’ve found yourself in, ready to level up? Lift. That’s what Sami did.

Sami Norwood 1

Sami recently turned 21, and now she knows her plan: go to school for cosmetology, work at a gym, be the best Bikini competitor she can be, bulk up, make the jump to Figure competitor.

But that’s now. Before, she was in a really bad spot in her life and stayed angry.

“I always found I was happier after I went for a run or a long bike ride, and once I tried lifting I felt amazing. Being able to take all that stress and anger out on the weights made a huge difference for me.”

So Sami got into lifting and started working at a gym. After a period of time had passed, she saw how much love she had for the sport and how much drive she was really capable of. So she decided to compete in order to give herself an active goal to work towards.

Having taken herself from inactivity, to lifting, to Bikini competitor, to aspiring Figure competitor, Sami says that the possibilities of competing don’t stop there.

“I’m contemplating dabbling with powerlifting in the future but am not decided on it yet.”

Taking control of your fitness is simple: if you’re stalling out, hit the gym. If that stalls out, expand your horizons. You don’t have to keep moving onto new arenas, but you do have to keep pushing yourself, otherwise even hitting the gym will eventually grow boring, too.


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