Raising the Bar: Elijah Has a Message for Everyone

Elijah has a powerful message for everyone: run to greatness, not away from it.

Elijah 2

Elijah 1

Elijah was a trouble child who was kicked out of three middle schools and two high schools. Before he could find himself kicked out of his third high school, Elijah’s mother signed him up for a half marathon in order to repair their relationship and set him on the right path.

After that half marathon, Elijah had developed a taste for success and was dedicated to greatness. He enrolled in summer classes in order to bring his GPA up high enough to be able to run Cross Country. After that, once he knew that he could do much better… anything less than the best was unacceptable. He would go on to become Team Captain, run track and dabble in wrestling.

“Running taught me that hard work could foster great benefit,”

In 2014, Elijah ran his first mountain ultra marathon and competed in CrossFit. In 2015, he competed in powerlifting, Strongman, and ran more ultra marathons and trail races.

To date, Elijah has run over 10 major races and has his eyes set on a full year or Strongman next year.

“There’s nothing more amazing to me than seeing just how strong, fast, or far I can push my body while helping others to do the same.”

I’ve personally lifted alongside Elijah in one powerlifting competition, and he is an amazing man, working very hard at his age in order to reap the rewards now… and later in life. He also works as a personal trainer with Never Defeated Athletics.

Elijah is an example of never being too young to start as long as you are willing to find the internal drive to keep at it. Those who find the will to pull themselves out of bed every day and hit the ground running are the ones who will go the furthest.

Pull yourself up, lace up… and go.


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