How Many Lifters Would it Take? Lifting a Mountain

So, it’s been a while since we did one of these, but every once in a while, amid the gains, the serious articles, the rants, the recipes and the competitions, we like to keep it lighthearted and fun. So… let’s get geeky for a moment.

For now, this blog makes no money. Should it ever start making some, I guess Marvel’s lawyers might have to come find me. But what I’m about to reference is pretty common knowledge since it’s been in the comics for a few decades now.

You’ve all seen this picture before, right?


If not, do yourself a favor. Go read a comic book. In an age where the Marvel movies are setting all time international records at the box office (Avengers AOU was #2 for opening weekend sales of all time recently), I think it’s safe to say you can actually go do something nerdier than watching a movie now and people won’t judge you.

He seems to be handling it better here…

In this comic, the Hulk lifts a mountain. Not metaphorically. Not part of a mountain. A mountain. the Avengers are all underneath it, and he’s the only thing keeping it from crushing them. For more, read here. This was a great example of where the Marvel comics started going from “heroes with great powers” to “heroes who can alter reality/jump the shark.” But we don’t read comics for them to perfectly imitate reality, so we kept reading because it was fun. Either way…

Pictured above: Iron Man and Cap pretending to be the world's best spotters
Pictured above: Iron Man and Cap pretending to be the world’s best spotters

How much would that take exactly? There is no way this ever attainable, obviously. I mean, to lift a mountain, it would take a mountain…

Looking at you, buddy...
Looking at you, buddy…

But we’re not here to find out if you can lift a mountain (unless you find that guy’s Tinder). We’re here to find out how many of you it would take, or in other word’s how strong does the Hulk have to be in order to have done that?

I did some digging to try and find out how heavy a mountain is estimated to be. We can’t really know for certain because a mountain is a lot of things, with an indeterminate amount of matter based on where you start. We could get close, but it wouldn’t be entirely accurate. I came across several entries like this. And the numbers and the arguments made my head spin. Luckily for us, the comics actually specified the weight of this particular mountain.

150 Billion. Tons.

150 billion tons.

Holy %&^$.

Sorry, not sorry
Sorry, not sorry

Let’s begin. Which ton do we start with? The long ton or the short ton? Well, the long ton is 2240 pounds and the short ton is 2000 pounds. For simplicity, I’m going with the short ton, because it’s what I know and it’s all zeros except for that two. 300 trillion pounds. Well, then how do we measure this against mortal beings? Turns out we have a demi-god among us. The man who played The Mountain, Hfghtryu Juliargh Bjorynkons…. ahem, Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, just broke a world record recently for 1,000 year old Viking record previously set, rumors have it, by a God. He took five steps with a 1433 pound log on his back. Presuming the Hulk took a few stutter steps when he caught that mountain, and because I have no other way to measure this, I’m going to use that as my comparison. Taking The Mountain as our peak of physical perfection and seeing how many of him it would take to lift this mountain, we roughly get:

209,351,011,863 Bjorns

The Hulk is as strong as 209.35 Billion Bjorns.

Until Next Time

Jacob Summers (SuperSoldier) is a certified personal trainer, but not a medical expert in the field of nutrition. 


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