Raising the Bar: Coach, Competitor, Cop, Brian

When we first begin something, we turn to our teachers for questions. When we become good enough, we have fewer options. We turn to peers, we turn to resources, we turn to new methods of learning.
As I venture into bodybuilding for the second time, I am still a new student. Because of this and because he’s a resource of much more knowledge, I turn to one of my friends and mentors: my coach, Brian.

Brian is a Police Officer, a lover of baseball, and a six time bodybuilding competitor.

Brian Schrader 1

Brian has always been into sports. He played baseball, football, basketball, and he even wrestled, but his passion was baseball. He loved baseball so much that after he graduated high school, he went on to play semi-pro baseball until his career was ended when he blew out his knee. Not to be held down long, Brian went on to play men’s fast pitch softball.
Brian played on several teams, some of which allowed him to travel to California, Utah, and even Canada for games. Then, at the age of 38, Brian had to give that up, too, as he could no longer throw a ball without pain and injury.
Having always been a gym-goer, Brian decided to meet up with several friends he knew to be in the Bodybuilding community.
“This intrigued me, to watch somebody transform their body to what a bodybuilder looks like. I ate it up. I began training six days a week, at a minimum of two hours each day, at the gym.”
Before he could be the coach that he is today, though, Brian needed a teacher himself. So he hired a trainer and competed in his first show at the age of 40. At that time, he had cut down to 7% body fat.
“It wasn’t where I wanted to be, but for my first show I was very, very happy with the results.”
Having competed in six shows, Brian says he’s now gained a massive amount of knowledge. But he doesn’t keep that knowledge to himself. In his free time, he coaches male and female bodybuilders and teaches posing.
Now, at the age of 48, he is planning on competing in 2017 in the Men’s 50 and Over Bodybuilding category.
“This life style has been very fun for me. I enjoy going to the gym and pushing myself as hard as I can go. I am a Police Officer and have been for 19 years. I feel more confident now that I’m taking care of my body and I see others in my department following my example. I’m constantly asked about lifting and diet.”
It’s never too late to reinvent yourself, as long as you are willing to seize advantage of the opportunities in front of you. Then, you become even more useful to yourself, and to others around you.

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