Raising the Bar: Jason AKA Mr. Cincinnati

When I asked Jason to tell me about himself, I figured I would get a long backstory, just as with everyone else: where he came from in order to understand where he is and where he’s going.

Jason 1

Jason 2

Instead, he spent 68 words out of his 1400+ bio on that and moved on:
“I was in a department store passing time in the magazine section while I was waiting for someone, when I happened to see a fitness magazine with a really lean guy on the cover. It was in that moment that I had an epiphany. I said to myself that if that guy on the cover could do it then so could I; and you know what? I did.”
He spent the remaining 96% of his time giving me ways to motivate you and help you become better.
But why should you care? Why does what Jason has to say matter to you? Surely, you can go open up a bodybuilding magazine or get on a message board and find an expert… you know, someone who wins contests, takes home awards and is the best looking out there?
Jason is Mr. Cincinnati 2016.
Among other things.
He’s an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, nursing student, and competitive natural bodybuilder and powerlifter.
“I take pride in everything I do whether it’s in or out of the gym,” says Jason. “There is nothing that I enjoy more than helping others better themselves both mentally and physically. I believe that there is nothing more rewarding, for myself or for those that I work with, than seeing someone change for the better, from day to day, and week to week. Being fit and healthy isn’t beyond anyone’s reach, if you are willing to work at it, sweat a little, and cast aside your doubts and excuses, you will be amazed at what you can achieve. I myself have taken that journey, I have not only been a skinny kid growing up, but after starting college, following high school, I became overweight. It wasn’t long before I realized that that was not the person I wanted to be.”
Jason went from a 40 inch waist to 29 at showtime, and even deadlifted 600 pounds at a 197 bodyweight (greater than triple bodyweight) during a powerlifting competition just seven weeks before the Cincinnati show.
It’s safe to say that he has taken the journey himself and knows how to take others on that journey, too. So what does he have to say about his process?
Jason points to the Cincinnati show as example of the mentality and approach we should take to getting where we want to go:
“I recently competed in the NPC Natural Cincinnati Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Physique Championship. It was my sixth show, and my third time competing in the Cincinnati since 2012. I placed 3rd in the light heavies in 2012, 2nd in the light heavies in 2015 losing to the overall winner.”
So what changed this year?
“I went back to the drawing board, trained harder than ever, and this year not only did I win the light heavies with straight firsts from the judges, I won the overall men’s bodybuilding by unanimous decision officially making me ‘Mr. Cincinnati’, and the icing on the proverbial cake was I also took home the award for best athlete in show.”
So how does that apply to his path until now?
“I can’t describe the feeling I had when I was announced as the Overall winner. I prepped for seven months for this show, and I did this while working and attending nursing school full time. Most nights I only slept five hours or so, but I maintained a 3.9 GPA. I know a lot of you out there think you don’t have enough time to achieve your fitness goals, but where there is a will, there is a way. You will never regret investing in yourself… that I can promise you. After wanting something for so long and working so hard for it, the victory was all the sweeter and yours will be too.”
Jason also points out that you don’t have to be born with special gifts to make this happen.
“I have never had the best genetics, and have tasted failure more time than I care to count. Things that are worthwhile take time and effort. I am proof positive that it doesn’t matter where you start from or whether you have to have the best genetics. If you have passion, and unwavering focus, and a solid work ethic, you can go far my friends.”
Jason’s story is a simple but powerful one, which should not be undervalued or appreciated, simply because he make it look easy. If you look closely, you read where this man has a job, goes to school, and still finds time to train and compete. That requires incredible willpower and singularity of purpose. It also invalidates the excuse that YOU can’t do it. If this is what you want, model yourself after people like Jason. If not, find what you desire and pursue it with the same singularity of purpose and depth of willpower.
You can also simply message him yourself and/or read below my signature for his tips and advice on pursuing this path. He’s been kind enough to offer some very specific perspective.
Work Hard, Live Free, Stay Hungry
“I hope this article helped in some way. If you interested in taking your training or nutrition to the next level, feel free to contact me at carrfitnessolutions@hotmail.com.
Favorite Bodybuilding or Fitness Meal:
Breakfast. 12 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, ½ scoop of cream of rice with 1 tbsp of almond butter and vanilla UMP mixed in.
Favorite Supplements:
I start my morning by taking in 200-400 mg caffeine, drinking 10
grams BCAAS and 3 grams acetyl-carnitine before my fasted cardio. I use a scoop of protein in my cream of rice meals in the morning (vanilla is my favorite) because it gives me a balanced release of protein to start the morning along with my eggs (also does not hurt that its delicious). With breakfast I take a multi-vitamin and extra Vitamin C for immune support. I take 5 creatine monohydrate pre- and intra-workout for muscular volumization and endurance. Pre-workout I take citrulline malate, agamatine, glycerol, and beta-alinine also for muscular volumization a.k.a the pump. Intra-workout I have 50-100 grams of carbs from cylic-dextrin mixed with 15 grams of BCAAS. I utilize 2-3 scoops UMP as a shake or as a brownie for an on-the-go snack when I would otherwise miss a meal.

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