Raising the Bar: Lindsey’s Not Looking For an Easy Fix

Looking for an easy fix? Stop. Lindsey didn’t have anything to do with that nonsense and neither should you.

Lindsey 1

In February of 2012, Lindsey was the heaviest she had ever been. She can’t even remember the exact weight, because she avoided scales and mirrors. She estimates that she was 230 pounds. For her size, that meant she often bought sizes much larger than anything she had worn before.
Lindsey says she often rationalized her size by allowing excuses into her head like having too much going on in her life and not having the money to join a gym.
So she kept doing the same thing and being the same person she was.
That person was unhappy.
Lindsey wasn’t unhappy because she was big. She had previously performed with a burlesque troop and had no problem with her size.
“I felt like crap all the time. I was pre-diabetic and I got winded going up stairs or walking for any distance. My feet would ache and tingle and felt like needles and pins when I stood for long periods of time.” Lindsey works as a bank teller. She stands all the time. She also said she felt like she was drowning in her own weight and could feel the swelling and the stress on her joints. Basically, life was a series of days of pain and discomfort in her own skin.
“So, one day I’m doing laundry and I had to carry the basket up a flight of stairs with a small landing in the middle. Before I could reach half way, I was breathing hard and my heart was beating hard and it was in the moments that I had to pause to catch my breath half way up my small flight of stairs that I knew that something had to change. As a 26 year old female, I should not feel like this! So, I made up my mind that things were going to change.”
So she stopped doing the same things and became a different person.
That person became happy. Step by step.
When she swapped gears and actively decided to get out of her own head and away from the same thought process that kept her down, real change took root. She began with small steps like counting calories and working out to Jillian Michaels videos.
“I changed so many things about how I eat and live that I can’t name them all here but I’ll tell you for sure what I didn’t do. I stopped looking for a quick fix. The pills and wraps and detox waters and “miracles” weren’t an option. I had always known what the answer was. It was good old fashioned diet and exercise. And that’s what I did. I set small short term goals for myself and when I accomplished those I would set another until I hit my ultimate goal.”
One year ago, two years after she began her journey, she ran her first Spartan Race. She had never done one before and didn’t know what it was about, but signed up anyway. She learned that races like this, the long haul and the actual Spartan itself, are as much mental as they are physical.
Looking back from that point, she had lost about 75 pounds. She knew what her future looked like from there: now she has 6 Spartan Races under her belt. For people who have run a Spartan, you know what that means: a Double Trifecta.
“I just turned 30. I’m not the fastest and I’m not the strongest. But I’m faster and stronger than I was three years ago, I’m faster and stronger than I was a year ago, and I’m faster and stronger than I was yesterday.”
Don’t take the quick fix.
Don’t settle.
Don’t accept setbacks.

Just like with some of our other stories, Lindsey wasn’t always unhealthy. It came in waves. We hit life hard, and life hits hard back. Just because you’re 20 and bulletproof and life hits you hard, it doesn’t mean that’s the only time you can be healthy. Keep getting up, as many times as it takes. But if you’re going to to do that, you have to do it like Lindsey. You can’t take short cuts or use cheat codes. The quickest, straightest, smartest path back to success is through hard work.


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