Raising the Bar: Say Hello to Joshua

Say hello to one of our Bar Raisers: Joshua.

Joshua 2

Joshua 1

Joshua may seem like your average every day nerd. He works IT Support and enjoys gaming.

But Joshua is much more than that. Not long ago, Joshua began experiencing symptoms of depression. After a while, he decided he had enough and began battling back by lifting. That has opened the door to a continuing journey of transformation and he has now put himself outside of his comfort zone to compete among others in obstacle racing and softball, as well as dabbling in lifting and strongman with his friends on the side.

Kick your life up a notch. Fight back. Don’t settle. Whether it’s finding yourself in a rut, or being diagnosed with depression, find a way to dig deep and better your life every day.

If Joshua can do it, so can you. Be an example for others to follow.


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