Raising the Bar: You Don’t Know Jack

You don’t know Jack. But you should.

Jack 1

Jack is a Bama Football fan, a father,a husband, and loves his tattoos.

Jack is also 42, used to have two broken legs, got into powerlifting a year ago, and had his first competition this year.

In 1997, Jack broke both legs in a motorcycle accident. It would have been easy to give up from there. However, Jack had a physical therapist who believed in him and never let him give up, even during some very dark and depressing moments during that time.

When Jack went back to work, he worked to help build bridges and water treatment plants until 2003. Along the way, however, he acquired a deeper love for the physical. In 1998, he found Aikido. In 2001, he found Russian Sambo. This was a dynamic shift from a flowing martial art to a rigid and powerful martial art. Jack found that he could pour his frustrations and pent up emotions into his martial arts. He needed someplace constructive to let out his anger and energy, and he found it. In 2003, he became a martial arts coach, still motivated by the therapist that saved him yearsbefore.

Fastforward to 2014, and Jack found powerlifting. According to Jack, it can all take a backseat now. He still trains in his martial arts, but he no longer coaches them. He trains others to lift.

“I have found a place to put all of my anger and all my hurt. The iron does not flinch when I yell at it. The weight does not cry when I throw it around and mistreat it on purpose. I can go to complete exhaustion and look over and the bar is still there looking at me like nothing happened and we’re still cool. I like that shit. A lot.”

Jack is an example of several values and points important to our cause:

Life is real. It’s not always pretty. Sometimes we just need someplace to vent raw aggression and emotions, and a barbell can be the best therapy.

Fitness is a journey and you may not realize it, but your actions inspire and motivate others when you let them. Jack will never forget his therapist.

Growth happens at all ages. 42 is not old. But it does mean your recovery time might slow down. Hasn’t slowed down Jack. Jack lifts a lot of weight.

Begin your journey, be flexible to change, make decisions that make you a better person, take stock of who is watching and always look for the opportunity to grow.


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