Raising the Bar: You Get Trish

What do you get when you combine a veteran runner, CrossFitter and an Anesthesia Resident? You get Trish.

Trish 1

Growing up, Trish played every sport she could find, simply for the love of playing.

Later in life, as she started college, this transferred to a literal pursuit as she entered college:
she began distance running, completed her first half marathon, and moved on to triathlons.

After she graduated, and continued to medical school, though she dropped the biking and swimming, she kept running 40-50 miles per week.

Looking back on that time, she says that she was so thin that she looked ill.

During medical school, Trish was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type IV, along with an aortic aneurysm involving the root.

“This combination of disorders makes working out somewhat hazardous, but I think not working out would be hazardous to my psyche,” says Trish. “When I started anesthesia residency, I discovered weights and took a break from cardio. After about 18 months of lifting, I found Crossfit and loved it. I work out at a gym with excellent coaches who keep me from getting hurt. This year I’ve also completed a half marathon and a triathlon. So I think that I’ve finally found a balance between my strength and my cardio. I was working towards my first half Ironman this fall when I sustained an injury to my thigh which put me in the hospital. Repeated injuries have kept me sidelined and prematurely ended my triathlon and competitive Crossfit seasons. I’m hoping to come back healthy in 2016 and complete both a half and a full Ironman.
I may never make it to the Crossfit games or to Kona for the Ironman Championships, but I am grateful for every day that I am able to lift or run or be active.”

Be like Trish. Be active, be hopeful, maintain the will to keep pursuing your goals. Life is going to throw you challenges, obstacles and hurdles that aren’t fair, common, or benign. There’s not always a lesson to be found. Sometimes, you have to provide the lesson yourself and be the inspiration. You have to create the path for others to follow.

Trish also embodies a concept at the core of BSF: you are more than your body. You are also your mind, your heart, and so much more. Some would argue that exercise is risky for Trish, and for many others. But sometimes it takes the heart and mind overcoming to the body to help move it along, and to keep truly living.


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