SuperSoldier Name Tape Final

Name: Jacob Summers
Hometown: Northport, AL
Occupation: Soldier in the U.S. Army
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 200 lbs

Primary Exercise Routine: Powerlifting

Current 1RM Bench: 275
Current 1RM Squat: 405
Current 1RM Deadlift: 525
Current 1RM Push Press: 225
Current 2 Minute Push-Up Max:76
Current 2 Minute Sit-Up Max: 62

My fitness journey began two years ago in August 2011
My fitness journey began two years ago in August 2011

Plans for the Future:
Study to become a CPT for a career as a CPT post-Army
Continuous powerlifting competitions and obstacle races
I want to open my own fitness center where the ideals and goals of this site are manifested.

Fitness Journey:
I began my fitness journey back when I was studying to get my degree in Public Relations in college. An event came up to bike 100 miles for Habitat for Humanity. I trained on indoor bikes and when the time came, I was lent a mountain bike to ride the 100 miles. I made it 50 because I was peddling much harder than anyone on road bikes. After that ordeal, I was defeated for a bit.

Then, after college and searching for a PR job for some time, I abandoned my search for a job and decided to join the Air Force. I wanted to enlist as a combat controller. To do so, I had to pass a swim, run, push-up test. I tested twice and then on the third time I tested, I passed. However, my recruiter pulled my dreams out from under me and removed the promise of Combat Controller.

So I abandoned ship and headed to the Army recruiter. There, I was promised that if I went in as a Cryptolinguist, I could put in for PsyOps when I finished training.

So I trained for the Army by running every day or every other day, as everyone I knew in the Army and who had been in the Army told me running was a big component. I ran atleast two miles a day, and usually four to six. The day before I left for Basic Training, I completed a half marathon.

In the course of the cryptolinguist training, I finished a marathon and Urbanathlon. Right as I was about to finish training, I was held back for almost a year. At the beginning of this extra year, the stress of being held back and the failure to complete a triathlon (I sank in the first 200 feet due to hypothermia), I had a mental breakdown and needed a stress outlet. Reddit was hosting it’s BTFC (Body Transformation Fitness Challenge) and I figured “why not?” Fitness has always been the road to the next stage of my life for better or worse. And I felt as though I could use a little extra muscle to go with my need for cardio.

So I set a goal to increase from 170 lbs to 185 lbs in 3 months. And I did. Then I set a goal for 200, but with no time limit. And I made it.

Through thick and thin, the path I chose to add muscle and figure out what my max lifts are, I have found self confidence and steady improvement. I have increased my deadlifts from nothing to 525 lbs, squats to 420 lbs, bench to a current 275 (though it was 300), Push Press to 205, have run a Spartan, multiple mud runs, surpassed numerous Army standards (except for the illusive 300 point PT test… that run keeps eluding me), won many challenges and contests on Fitocracy, created fitness challenges for other users, have struck many duels and have designed numerous training plans for friends, family and coworkers who have used it to change their lives. And I have even enrolled in and taken two of the courses offered on Fito: PR Every Day and Stronger by Spring.

Just recently, I competed in my first powerlifting competition. I deadlifted 505 lbs successfully, 525 lbs with a foot slip that disqualified me, and I overhead push pressed 205 lbs. I had the third highest push press, was in the top eight deadlifting scores and was awarded cash prizes and supplements. While only a beginning, it was a great start to a competitive career.

UPDATE: I am now three competitions in. 525 all time DL, 275 all time BP, 225 all time OHP, 405 all time squat. And I am now Personal Trainer Certified.

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