Barbell Back Squat

Exercise: Back Squat
Equipment: Barbell and Rack
Type: Compound, Push
Level: Beginner
Quads, Calves, Glutes, Hamstrings, Lower Back


To begin, set the barbell on a rack just below shoulder level.

Once the rack is at the right height and you have loaded the barbell, step under the barbell and place the barbell on the back of your shoulders just before the base of your neck.

Grab the barbell with both hands, wide enough to not cramp your shoulders, and lift the barbell off the rack, using your legs and straightening your torso.

Once you have lifted the barbell, step back and set yourself in a stance with your feet shoulder width apart. Point your toes out slightly. Keep your back straight.

This is the starting position.

Control the descent of the barbell as you bend your knees and hips, maintaining a straight back the whole time. Keep your head up. During the whole descent, breathe in.

Keep descending until you form an angle with your calves and quads that is slightly less than 90 degrees. Your knees should not extend past your toes.

This is the bottom of the squat.

Control the ascent of the barbell, by sitting back up and breathing out. Continue to push through your heels until you have straightened back up to the starting position.

As with all exercises, use a spotter if the weight is too much to carefully lift.

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