Barbell Bench Press

Exercise: Bench Press
Equipment: Barbell and Bench
Type: Compound, Push
Level: Beginner
Chest, Shoulders, Triceps


Position yourself, lying down on the bench.

Find a shoulder width grip.

Make sure you are far enough back so that your eyes peer just over the back of the bar.

Lift the bar from the rack and hold it straight over you, with your arms locked. This is the starting position.

Breathe in while controlling the descent of the bar down to your chest. Don’t let the bar drift too far forward. The bar should land in the middle of your chest.

Briefly pause, and then push the bar back to the starting position. Do not bounce the weight off of your chest.Concentrate on using your chest to push more instead of your arms. This should take about half as long as it took to lower the bar.

Once at the top, contract your chest and either rack the weight, or begin another repetition.

As with all exercises, use a spotter if the weight is too much to carefully lift.

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