Our Mission

Bars and Stripes Fitness is a fitness website and blog right now. But we have never planned on keeping it that way for long. Eventually, we want it to be bigger. How much bigger?

Our plans are to keep running the site. Then, as we grow, we want to pull on clients and work as online personal trainers. We’ve already begun that process by getting certified through NASM. If you’re interested, follow the “Train with B&S” tab. Eventually, as owner of the site, SuperSoldier will move back home to the Southeast and take clients in-person as well. Then, SuperSoldier will open a brick-and-mortar gym under the same name: Bars and Stripes. By opening this gym, we hope to reach more people. For those that don’t hire us as trainers, they still have access to a reasonably priced gym with knowledgeable instructors on hand. By opening this gym, we will also begin to run and sponsor events and competitions. This will attract the heavy competitors, as well as the weekend warriors with something other than a 5K/10K or CrossFit – not out of hate, but so that people have options. Then, we intend to start giving back to the community through charity. First, we will donate through an established charity, and hopefully we will later establish our own. Through it all, I, SuperSoldier, will also fight one of the problems near and dear to my heart: the growing health and obesity epidemic in the south.

If you believe in what we are doing, spread the word. Follow our blog. Share our posts. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Drop a comment. Most importantly, read up and learn.

Help us raise the bar.

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