Train with B&S

Interested in meeting up with SuperSoldier, Barefoot Dave or Quadzilla to workout?
E-mail and we will get back with you at our earliest convenience.

SuperSoldier works out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and trains clients in-person at the following rates:

$50 per session, per client up to one hour.
$30 per session, per client for a semi-private group session of 2 people
$25 per session, per client for a semi-private group session of 3+ people
Cap on semi-private group sessions is 4 people, to ensure that each client is still receiving value
10% discount to military, students and seniors on the base package

Interested in having SuperSoldier help you shape a workout routine and diet?
Please take 5-10 minutes to fill out this short client questionnaire to get started. Payment is not mandatory upon submission of questionnaire.

B&S Fitness Client Questionnaire

Once you fill out the questionnaire, I will read over your goals and information and send you an invitation to my personal training page over at Amstatz. You can give that a preview by clicking on this link:

SuperSoldier’s Amstatz Page

Amstatz Snapshot


For the time being, the only type of training SuperSoldier is providing is online training. For an adequate idea of services and prices provided, please review the following estimates:

  • Personalized Routine (One Time): $50.00
  • Additional Routines Thereafter: $25.00 each time
  • Access to further information via chat, videochat, etc.: $50.00/month or $15-25 per session
  • Complete Package (routines, constant access, and changes): $75.00/month

Prices are subject to change based on schedule, availability, and demand.

Jacob Summers (SuperSoldier) is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.


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